Friday, October 4, 2013

Words Work Wonders - Copywriting for Business, Online and Social Media

The frequent use of meaningless phrases and empty slogans on websites does you little good, but on the other side of the coin, choosing the right words can truly work wonders. The Internet is a vast marketplace, crammed with almost unimaginable opportunity, but no one is going to find you by accident. You need to show them the way, give them specific instructions and provide clear directions. A good professional copywriter will help you to do that, every time. 

When your website pages are created, your copywriter will include the best online search keywords, in order to match your company, market segment, products and services to those customers on the web who match them. The key is to select as many words as possible that might be related to your business. If just about anything even remotely connected to what you are all about is an integral part of your web page copy, your site will usually be ranked higher in directory queries, receive potentially greater traffic and consequently increase awareness of what you have to offer.

I have extensive experience in writing for a wide range of industries and markets. Contact me directly for details of rates and fees regarding copywriting services.

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