Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sad Slogans - Copywriting for Business, Online and Social Media

How about some of these pointless expressions that are frequently seen on websites?

‘We are fully committed to your success.’ This is an interesting statement since they haven’t met you yet, so you have to wonder what form this commitment might actually take.

‘We are a people oriented company’. This is normally what I would expect, unless you were running a pet store, perhaps?

‘Now even better.’ This makes me wonder just how bad the company was before and if there is perhaps something they’re not telling me about how much they still need to improve.

‘You can expect great things from us’. I suppose if you were thinking of doing business with these people, you would expect great, or at least reasonably good, things, but you have wonder if they can actually deliver.

‘Everything you love and more’. This is a very nice thing to promise, but it does suggest that the ‘more’ part is really composed of things that I don’t want or need at all.

You have to make sure that your website actually has something relevant to say. You also need to make effective use of keywords, to help drive traffic to your site, and this is yet another area where a professional copywriter can prove invaluable. 

I have extensive experience in writing for a wide range of industries and markets. Contact me directly for details of rates and fees regarding copywriting services.

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