Monday, October 7, 2013

Think Outside the Box - Copywriting for Business, Online and Social Media

A web copywriter will help you determine what words you can use to describe your company and increase your visibility on search engines. You need to consider words, phrases and terms that are both popular and also relevant to your site. This may seem like stating the obvious, since after all, it’s your company, you run it and you know it inside out, right? Surely you can come up with words to describe your own business? 

In fairness, you probably can, but there may be other words, which initially, you may feel aren’t really connected to what you do. You need to think outside the box, imagining yourself to be a potential customer, looking for a company offering your type of products and services.

I have extensive experience in writing for a wide range of industries and markets. Contact me directly for details of rates and fees regarding copywriting services.

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