Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Simon Rose: Part One - Influences

Star Trek, superheroes, clones, the Black Death, Harry Potter, time travel, and much more. Check out the latest interview with Joshua Pantallerescoin which I discuss many of the influences behind some of the books and writing in general. Here's a short excerpt.

"The characters have to be in some danger, even if the reader has a strong suspicion that they aren’t going to get too hurt in the course of the story. But you need stakes of some kind in your stories. 
When I started out, I remember reading a lot of kids books to kind of see what the market was like. I read a fair amount of time travel stories, but most of them involved the characters just going back in time and visiting a place. There’d be little or no conflict or any kind of real story. I would read this stuff and think to myself, what’s the point? It’s nice to go back in time, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not very interesting if nothing exciting happens."
Check out the first part of the interview here

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