Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another Great Review of The Children's Writer's Guide

Here's another great review of The Children's Writer's Guide.

"There are plenty of writing guides available for writers in every stage of their careers. Simon Rose’s Children’s Writer’s Guide is definitely one of those how-to guides suited for any age writer. This book is smart. It is practical and helpful. It has so much information, it should be 4 books! 

If you are just beginning, or deep into you masterpiece, this book gets your creative juices flowing. It twists your brain and makes you think of things in many different ways with his witty experience guiding you. It also provides a vision to the total process to reaching your goals of being published! I will be donating my copy to a group of 14 year-olds who are finding their voices and beginning their journey. I'm glad I bought it."

The Children's Writer's Guide is available as a paperback and as an ebook at Amazon and Kobo.

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