Wednesday, June 11, 2014

School & Library Visits for Authors & Illustrators - Now Available on Amazon

School & Library Visits for Authors & Illustrators is now available on Amazon as a paperback and as a Kindle edition.

This book examines school and library visits for children’s authors and illustrators, including organizing school tours, maximizing book sales, and creating presentations, workshops, and residency programs.

These details are also included in The Children’s Writer’s Guide, which examines how you can get started as a writer, create time and space to pursue your craft and deal with lack of motivation and writer’s block. Topics covered include where ideas come from and how writers turn them into stories, choosing appropriate names for characters, the importance of historical research if your novel is set in a different era, writing science fiction and fantasy, the use of magic in stories for children, the role of editing and revision, how to deal with rejection, and marketing and promotion.

Check out School & Library Visits for Authors & Illustrators on Amazon and for Kindle.

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