Friday, October 3, 2014

Check Out The Latest Interview

Check out the latest interview with Joshua Pantallerescoin which I discuss recent and upcoming projects, writing courses, history, publishing, marketing and more.  Here's a short excerpt.

"What a lot of writers forget is that when something really catches on everyone is writing in that genre and sending these types of books to publishers. They have stacks of these things now. It’s perhaps better to work on something that hasn’t been done lately, or even something different.
Several years ago, someone sent me a story to read that featured a school for magic. Naturally, I pointed out the similarities to Harry Potter. They acknowledged the connection and influence but then pointed out how different their story was, which, to be honest, was at best only cosmetic.
You can’t write a story that’s been done before like that. You can’t have Hogwarts show up in another novel altogether with a different name. You can’t have vampires that are direct copies of Twilight in your story. You have to take the time to come up with something original."
Check out the  interview here. 

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