Friday, May 23, 2014

Great Reviews of The Alchemist's Portrait

“The Alchemist’s Portrait is a delightful and charming read. The reader is not only quickly transported to the quiet echoing hall of the museum, but back in time to the height of the Northern European art scene of the 1600′s. I absolutely loved this book! It is a definite contender for one of my favourite reads for the 9 – 12 year old set!” 
Greenwoods’ Bookshoppe, Edmonton

“The Alchemist’s Portrait is guaranteed to keep junior readers in suspense. Its fast paced plot will keep them reading to the end. This is a good acquisition for any library or private collection and might well augment a classroom reading program. Those who study fantasy as a literary genre might well add The Alchemist’s Portrait to their teaching repertoire.” 
Resource Links

“Harry Potter fans will find the story a satisfying remedy to their post-Phoenix blues.” 
The Calgary Herald

“In this fast paced enactment of the classical theme of good vs. evil, the settings are vivid in detail. The characters are believable and diverse…” 
University of Manitoba CM Magazine

“Author Simon Rose combines time travel with an exciting twist, and the power of magic. Well written and fast-paced this novel will keep the reader spellbound.” 
The Bookmark

“Congratulations on a great read for kids.” 
CanLit For Kids Books Ltd.

“Complete with an evil villain, magic and suspense, Rose weaves a tale that will have young readers engaged right up until the very end.” 
BC Parent

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