Monday, June 24, 2013

Tips for Writers Part Ten - Create Something from Nothing

If you drive to work, you probably don’t normally notice the same old things you pass each day, such as company names and logos, advertising billboards, road signs and so on. And yet these things too can provide a starting point for your writing. As an exercise, choose a selection of things that you see one morning, completely at random, then write them down once you get to work. From there, your task is to create a short story, even if it’s only one page, involving all of those items. 

You could also perhaps choose ten words that you encounter on the way to work and write a short piece using all of those words at least once. And if your day wasn’t that interesting, turn that into a writing challenge too. Recall the most mind-numbing aspect of your day and write a short poem about it. It might not win any awards for content or style, but creating that poem about such a bland topic might be just what you need to get moving with your writing.

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