Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tips for Writers Part Nine - Inspiration from Daily Life

Activities unrelated to writing can often unlock your inspiration, whether it’s doing laundry, walking the dog, tidying the house, mowing the lawn or doing the dishes. It’s surprising how even the most mundane situations can launch you on the road to your next story. Consider airports, for example, where there is usually little to do while you are waiting for at least an hour for your flight to leave. 

However, you are surrounded by many different kinds of people, as they eat snacks, drink coffee, read books, newspapers or magazines, listen to music or perhaps chat to the person beside them. You don’t know these people at all, but to the writer, such a situation can provide a wealth of material, as you can pass the time idly speculating about the lives, jobs, families, even the hopes and dreams, of your fellow travelers. Similarly, if you undertake a regular journey to work on a bus or a train each morning with hundreds of other people, the possibilities for inspiration are almost endless.

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