Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tips for Writers Part One - Getting Started

There appear to be an endless number of sites on the web offering advice on writing, concerning where to get ideas, character development, point of view, working in different genres, story structure, the editing process, how to get publishers and agents to pay attention to you and so on. 

And yet one of the most frequently asked questions, especially for beginners is how to actually get started with your writing? It may seem like a very simple question, but if you can’t actually get started, how can you ever actually make use of all these great tips that published, or at least very knowledgeable and prolific writers, offer all the time? 

Over the coming weeks, I'll be examining some of the ways you can kick-start your creativity, then stay motivated in your quest to get your writing career not only on track, but hopefully into the fast lane as well. And don’t forget, even established writers sometimes have problems getting started on a particular project. Stay tuned.

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