Thursday, May 16, 2013

Making a Career in Korea - The Korean translation of The Alchemist's Portrait

This is the cover of the Korean translation of The Alchemist's Portrait, my first novel, published back in 2003.

"A school trip to the art gallery at the city museum leads Matthew into an eerie meeting with Peter Glimmer, imprisoned inside his own portrait by his villainous uncle in 1666. 

Entrusted by Peter with recovering the one object that can save the world, Matthew is sent hurtling over 300 years into the past. Encountering magic, mayhem and murder, Matthew also has to contend with Peter’s uncle, the ruthless and seemingly immortal Nicolaas van der Leyden, at every turn, in a desperate race through time to save the future."

The Korean version has a different cover to the original, also shown here. The translated version also has a number of great illustrations throughout the story, unlike the English version. 

Not being able to read Korean, I'm unable to enjoy the newest version of the novel, but I'm sure it's faithful to the original story.

You can learn more about The Alchemist's Portrait , including the historical background to the story, check out reviews of the novel, read an excerpt and try to complete The Alchemist's Portrait puzzle, all on my website.

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