Monday, August 27, 2012

The Sorcerer's Letterbox and the Mystery of the Princes in the Tower - Part Eight

More Reader Comments and Reviews

Here are some other comments by satisfied readers of The Sorcerer's Letterbox.

"I think your book is excellent and it also has lots of adventure in it. Once I got into it, I felt like I was in the story."

"I like your book because it’s full of suspense and it’s really good!"

"Your book rocks!"

"I enjoy the way you describe the words. You get a really good picture in your head."

"I think your book is amazing."

"Your story was great, excellent, amazing, fantastic and every thing that doesn’t mean boring."

"Your book is the best. You feel like you’re there."

"I just finished reading your book last night. I thought it was awesome! It was very exciting. It was easy to imagine the characters as real people. Where did you get this idea?"

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