Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Sorcerer's Letterbox and the Mystery of the Princes in the Tower - Part Seven

Reader Comments and Reviews

Here are just a few of the comments readers have made about how much they have enjoyed The Sorcerer's Letterbox.

"Your book is the best !!!!!!!!!!! I wished it never ended! "

"I really enjoyed your book It’s so exciting."

"The Sorcerer's Letterbox was the best book I have ever read in my whole entire life."

"'This book is one of those novels that you would want to read over and over again.'"

"I love the Sorcerer's Letterbox. It's so exiting."

"How did you get such magical ideas for your book. I thought your book was very creative and amazing."

"Your book was so good I could not put it down!"

"Thank you for writing such a great book!"

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