Thursday, January 26, 2012

Writers - Help and Advice: Manuscript Evaluation and Editing Services

Have you written a novel, picture book or short story? Have you shown it to every one of your family and friends, who have all given their wholehearted endorsement? Are you now wondering if your work will appeal to a publisher, looking to take that next step but in need of professional advice? 

I offer a variety of services to writers, such as online workshops for adultsonline workshops for children and young adults and manuscript evaluationI will evaluate both full manuscripts or just a short synopsis of your story, along with the opening chapter. Having your work independently evaluated gives you an unbiased opinion, helping you to tighten your manuscript and fix problems you may have overlooked.

Having your entire manuscript reviewed by a professional can be pricey, especially if your novel comprises hundreds of pages, but my manuscript critique service is very affordable. For my basic service, I review the first chapter of a piece of work, double spaced, not to exceed ten pages, plus a synopsis of up to three pages. For picture books this may include the entire text, depending on the length of the story. 

The evaluation will include a written report of up to three pages, as well as suggestions and comments on the text itself, unless you object to that. I am also happy to answer any specific questions in relation to what publishers may or may not like to see in the story. Based on this, you may then decide to have the entire piece evaluated, to help you prepare for submissions to publishers. Examples of fees and more details on my editing services are available here on my website.

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