Friday, January 13, 2012

The Heretic's Tomb and the Black Death - Medieval Medicine Part One

Creating The Heretic’s Tomb and establishing an authentic setting in 1349 meant learning about the types of medicine practiced in Europe during the Middle Ages. Again, online sources played a part, but I also read books on topics such as the medieval way of life, diet and nutrition, living conditions, doctors and their treatments, the large role played by superstition and the position of the church to get a feel for how Lady Isabella might have gone about her work as a healer and medical pioneer during the devastating epidemic of the Black Death. The causes of the disease are now well known, but in the mid fourteenth century, not only were people largely ignorant of the source of the dreadful sickness, they also had limited means to either treat or cure its victims.

You can learn more about The Heretic's Tomb and the historical background to the novel on my website.

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