Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Flashback - Coming Soon

Flashback, my ninth novel, will be published by Tyche Books  in early 2015. Here's a brief synopsis.


Lots of kids have an imaginary friend. Max certainly did. His friend was a little boy who liked all the things Max did, enjoyed the same games, and who even looked a little like him. Then one day, Max’s friend said something that scared him. Max never saw his friend again.

Several years later, Max’s imaginary childhood friend returns – older, wiser, and disturbingly real. Max learns that his friend is actually the ghost of David Dexter, who lost his life when he stumbled upon a deadly conspiracy involving secret mind-control experiments, rogue scientists, government cover-ups, and murder. David tells Max of events concealed for over twenty years, events that someone will go to deadly lengths to keep that way.

Max must journey into his friend’s past, actually reliving the final weeks of David’s life. Max faces danger at every turn, not knowing how his actions will affect what he knows as reality. 

Tyche Books is a Canadian small-press specializing in science-fiction and fantasy anthologies, novels, and non-fiction, all available as ebooks and trade paperbacks. They crave innovative stories that push the boundaries of our imaginations. Tyche want to discover new voices and propel established authors further along their journey. Based out of Alberta, Canada, Tyche is the new home of BOLD Science Fiction, Fantasy and related Non-Fiction.

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