Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Historical Background of The Doomsday Mask - Part Two

The Legend of Atlantis

The Mask of Kulkaan featured in the The Doomsday Mask is a priceless ancient artifact and a remnant of Atlantis. The Mask was inspired by the legends of the mysterious crystal skulls discovered in Central America and in other parts of the world. You can learn more about crystal skulls here.

There are countless stories about the lost city of Atlantis, plus many theories as to the possible location of the legendary civilization. These include the Mediterranean, the mid Atlantic, the Caribbean and even Antarctica. You can learn more about the suggested locations of Atlantis here and here.

The theory that Atlantis was in Antarctica when it was largely free of ice is dealt with on this site.
Explore the possibility of the civilization being situated in the Mediterranean and Black Sea here. These sites deal with a selection of some other legendary lost continents and cities elsewhere in the world, such as ZealandiaLemuria and the Kerguelen Plateau.

You can learn about the scientific hypothesis of polar shifts and earth crust displacement, which are featured in some theories and works of fiction about the fate of Atlantis, here. You can also view my video on YouTube where I explain the story behind the story of The Doomsday Mask.

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