Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cinerama: The Next Big Thing That Was at Dark Roasted Blend

Check out the latest article at Dark Roasted Blend entitled Cinerama: The Next Big Thing That Was.

These days, it sometimes seems like there’s a new technological advance or gadget every week. There are certainly changes in the way we view movies and TV shows, with more and more people watching these on their computers. Video rentals have been consigned to history and HD, Blu-ray and other terms have entered the language (and some are on their way out already).

Yet, innovation is nothing new and the movie industry has been evolving since the first motion pictures were shown at the turn of the twentieth century. Even 3D, which is an option offered at theatres for many movies today, dates back to the fifties, although it didn’t catch on as well as expected back then.

This article takes a look at Cinerama, which was going to be the next big thing when it first appeared over half a century ago. 

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