Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review of Does Canada Own the Arctic? in CM: Canadian Review of Materials

Here's a nice review from the Manitoba Library Association of another recent non-fiction title, Does Canada Own the Arctic?

Does Canada Own the Arctic? is profusely illustrated throughout with many photographs in colour and has a number of interesting teaching aids. Important terms, such as stewardship are highlighted in bold and definitions given. A number of chapters have interesting sidebars which discuss topics of relevance to the Arctic, such as “Climate Change”. Each section has an “Activity” and a “Quiz”. These and the other aids help to make the book a valuable classroom resource. Debates could be held between students representing the opposing sides of the issue."

"Does Canada Own the Arctic? is well-written, easy to understand and perfect for the intended readership. It is well researched, and the details are accurate."

Check out the 
full review in the February 22 issue of CM Magazine.

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