Monday, July 9, 2012

The Heretic's Tomb - Reviews, Interviews, Readings, Puzzles and Study Guides

"The book is a sweeping historical drama involving witchcraft, religious zealotry, life and death ... a fast-paced tale of intrigue, sorcery and adventure."

The Calgary Herald
"A well-written combo of science fiction/fantasy with the historical novel. This novel explores the lifestyles of the Middle Ages, specially during the time of the Black Plague. The easy to read style and diction make this an excellent choice for ages 7-10 as well as someone who might be looking to explore a new genre."


You can listen to my reading from The Heretic's Tomb on CKUA Radio’s Arts Alive here or read an excerpt here. Try out the puzzle Inside The Heretic's TombFor teachers, a study guide to the novel is available here and you can always purchase either class sets or individual autographed copies of books directly from me in my online bookstore.

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