Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Great Reviews of The Alchemist's Portrait - Part Seven

Here are some more great reader comments about The Alchemist's Portrait 

"My class and I read your book, The Alchemist’s Portrait. I think it is a fantastic and adventurous book to read. It captures your imagination. It is amazing how people like you can write such interesting and excellent books."

"I love your book The Alchemist’s Portrait and it was inspiring, amazing, and great. I’d love to read it again. Is there a number two?"

"The Alchemist’s Portrait was really good and exciting. The book was inspiring. Please write more books."

"The Alchemist’s Portrait was the best book that I have ever read"

"Your book, The Alchemist’s Portrait , really reminded me of Harry Potter series and that’s good because I really love Harry Potter. Anyway, hope you keep on making more books."

"I love your book. It’s so magical."

"I liked your book. Can you write another book like it with magical powers?"

The Alchemist's Portrait is available at most online bookstores, which you can link to hereAutographed copies are also always available directly from the author.  

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