Friday, April 13, 2012

Great Review of The Time Camera in Resource Links

The Time Camera, like other novels by Simon Rose, explores the idea of time travel. The book’s 
prologue zooms in on a power struggle between two scientists regarding the ethics of allowing 
the existence of a camera with extraordinary abilities. Fast forward one year and we learn that one of 
the scientists was Eleanor Chamberlain, deceased mother of Lydia. Lydia and best 
friend Jake fund the camera hidden in the floorboards of Eleanor’s office. While playing around 
with the camera, and watching research videos from Eleanor’s laptop, the two inadvertently 
reveal the astonishing powers of the camera. Their gradual discovery that the camera can not 
only take pictures of the past and future, but can also transport objects and people to the past 
and future leads the pair to relive events of the past and uncover the truth surrounding Eleanor’s 

Without being overly technical, the book succeeds in making the concept of time travel feasible.
The action is fast paced.

The Time Camera, Simon Rose
Review - Resource Links Volume 17 No 3, Page 9-10 
by Moira Kirkpatrick

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